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I just want to thank R.M Williams funeral home for taking such good care of my precious son
You were all so respectful and caring
You done a wonderful job on Jeremy Coleman my family an I just can't thank you enough
You let his twin brother stay over him the whole time and grief that was truly special to us
Sorry for the disrespect of a couple people their...they wasn't even family
But we thank you all have a blessed day..I wouldn't think of even going to another funeral home in the future

Angie coleman and family
May 17, 2023

I want to thank the R.M. Williams funeral services for taking care of us and our precious mama. They were so welcoming and polite. We called several funeral services and encountered some very rude people. That is not something that you want or can deal with during a time of mourning. The staff were so helpful and respectful to mom and our family. We weren't just a number to them. As we said our final goodbye after the service, they reminded us there was no rush and we could take as long as we needed. They stood by patient while we allowed each child to come tell their Mamaw goodbye. At no time did we feel pressured to hurry, to pay, or to buy something that was not our request. They were respectful in helping us stay within our budgets. Their products were so personal and made a true memorial of mom. Although all these things were beautifully done what meant most to us was what mom would have loved the most. They were so respectful of our faith. They sat through the services and allowed us to have church without complaint or appearance of annoyance. They allowed the scripture to be a comfort. I just can't say thank you enough.

Crystal Gilliam
May 4, 2022

Thank you Michael and Mandy for taking such good care of my mom and our family during our tremendous time of grief. I greatly appreciated your warm yet professional care and for walking alongside us each step of the process. The extra special touches helped turn this time into a Celebration of Life with memories that we will cherish. Your direction helped us love our mom well, even after she went on to her reward. She always had complete confidence in you- and I know she would have been very pleased. You certainly have taken this service and ministry to a whole new level for southern Ohio. Thank you, sincerely.

Ladonya Brady
May 13, 2021

When I lost my mom (Bertha Williams), I couldn't even breathe! My mom was the one person on this earth who loved me the MOST. She was also my very best friend. R.M. Williams Funeral Home helped me to find my breath! Michael Williams came to my parents home PERSONALLY to pick up my mom. From the time he picked her up until the day we laid her to rest, Michael continued to "breathe" for our entire family! Each small detail was handled with precision and accuracy! Mom had lost so much weight and yet Michael had her looking absolutely beautiful; we had issues with the life insurance and Michael went to bat for us and got everything straightened out; it snowed on the evening of the viewing and my dad, sister, nephew, niece and their children were in a bad accident and Michael was there to see what HE could do. Even in our time of great loss of mom, life was still happening and Michael Williams and his family were right there to help in any way they could. The funeral home was set up with so many memories of mom for all those that loved her to be able to reminisce. My mom's #1 love was Jesus. Michael assisted in tailoring the service to allow our family to celebrate with mom as she entered into the kingdom of heaven. My mom would have loved her service! If you are looking for someone who TRULY CARES about not only you, but your loved one, even though they have passed; as well as, someone who pays attention to the details for you and your family allowing you the time you need to grieve, R.M. WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME is who you need to call. As for my family, we will use no other.

Julie Black
May 3, 2021

Mike knew my precious Mother and that is how he made me feel his kind words when I broke down and you gave me time to grieve when my Momma was lying there she looked very pretty she looked like a angel my Sunshine Mike thank you so much for everything you have a sincere heart a big thank you from our family

Vicki James Coy
March 27, 2021

Above and beyond all expectations. Very warm, compassionate services. Director went above and beyond in all aspects. Exceptional people.

Brenda P.
December 23, 2020

My husband's funeral was the bed I have ever seen. Made the pain very tolerable. The upmost best funeral home. Williams Funeral Service is being voiced everywhere. My whole family and friends will most likely pick Williams. From the bottom of my heart thank you. All the things you did was above and beyond my expectations.

Linda R.
December 2, 2020

Very caring and thoughtful. Thank you one and all that helped to prepare my dear Arlie Newberry. You did a great job and I will never forget your kindness.

Ethel W.
September 23, 2020

I can't say enough about the care and attention to detail Mike gave us! Although we all thanked Mike after the services for our mom, words didn't seem enough at the time. Let this serve as a recommendation for R.M. Williams Funeral Service

Donna W.
September 9, 2020

Mr. Williams, we were very pleased with your service and your understanding of our loss. We could recommend your business to anyone in need. We were very impressed with the way you made us feel.

Sandy B.
May 13, 2020

Michael did an excellent job. We are very grateful for his services. He took charge of all tasks. Highly recommended.

Scott von Kamecke
June 8, 2019

Todd's funeral was the most beautiful funeral and perfect I have seen. He would have been so proud. I was so pleased with everything. Everything was just perfect! Thank you so much!

Brenda Wilcox
April 10, 2019

Micheal went absolutely above and beyond for my husbands family! The OSU theme celebration of life in honor of Todd Wilcox was incredible, and something we’ve never seen before. From the blanket, and osu puzzle, to the white doves graveside, we are amazed at it all! Thank you so much again to Micheal for all you’ve done for Brenda, and our family!♥️♥️♥️

Laura Crego
April 2, 2019

Top shelf, A1 service, A1 people. Appreciated more than I can explain.

Dale Graves
March 25, 2019

Competent and efficient, Everything was completely taken care of even including getting my husband's body home from Kenya, Africa. I will never be able to repay Michael for everything he did. Above and beyond! Thank you so much.

Val Rahamut
March 2, 2019

I will certainly be contacting you for services ahead for myself. If someone is looking for a place to make funeral arrangements, I highly recommend R.M. Williams. Great experience.

Lenitta Cottrill
February 23, 2019

I was well pleased with everything that was done for my husband. I never saw a funeral home that personalized everything like they did for my husband. It meant so much to me and our 3 children. Even my mother who is 81 years old could not believe how it was personalized to Steve. Words can not say how pleased I was with everything that was done. Thank you so much R.M. Williams Funeral Service.

Jackie Scarberry
February 2, 2019

Michael was very helpful. He is very personable, straight-forward, and compassionate. He came to the house to help plan the arrangements. I was so pleased with this. It seemed to be more of a friendship than a business relationship. He is very knowledgeable in the field. The 'home' was very comforting to the family. He helped to get help from other sources to help me with the expenses, the VA and social security. I also am very pleased to know that he opens the facility to the community for celebrations of the seasons i.e. Christmas time photos with Santa at their Santa Stops Here event.

Lena Hays
December 20, 2018

Michael went far above what I expected him to do for my wife and myself. He did a wonderful job.

Henry Long
November 3, 2018

A very good experience!

Tom McClaskey
October 26, 2018

I was very pleased with the personal touches that were made that made it seem more caring and compassionate. I personally think that my daughter looked very nice, considering I was afraid her hair would not look right, but it looked very nice. I so appreciate the time and effort that was put forth. It will never be forgotten.

Judy Norman Sexton
October 15, 2018

Michael and his staff made our families feel very comfortable at this very sad time of our lives

Chris Barber
September 2, 2018

Michael was very professional when taking care of my dad. He made a very stressful situation bearable.

Darla Garvin
May 13, 2018

For such a low point in my life, I was glad God allowed my path to cross with Michael Williams and R.M. Williams Funeral Service. Our family was very well pleased with how the service went. Thank you!

Nick Morgan
April 12, 2018

R.M. Williams was wonderful and very helpful with our loved one's final arrangements and prior to his passing. Mike Williams was very informative and helpful in pre-arrangements. We would recommend this funeral home to others in need.

Suzanne Jenkins
March 29, 2018

We feel that Michael went "above and beyond" any expectations that we had. His compassion comes from the heart. Michael's expertise certainly impressed us, as well as the many visitors who came. There simply is not an adequate way to show our deep appreciation to him and his staff.

Cheryl Norton
March 16, 2018

Very first class in every way!

Chuck Kirby
February 24, 2018

Mike is absolutely amazing to my sister and I during our loss. We now have a life long friend. Thank you so very much for helping us through this dreadful nightmare. We have not only worked with just anyone, we now have a life long friend. You were amazing! I don't think dad would have wanted it any other way. Your wife and daughter are too, a pleasure to know and you all were so helpful, loving, heartfelt, and genuine. Thanks so much!

Karen Eberts
February 19, 2018

Mike is with out a doubt, one of the best. I could not have gotten through this without his help and caring. He is very caring and well informed. He does an excellent job!

Shirley Kern
February 7, 2018

During what has been one of the most difficult weeks in my life, Mike, and RM Williams Funeral Service, has been a beacon in a storm for my sister and I. I never thought I would be saying goodbye to my Dad... certainly not at such a young age. Truly, from the moment that this painful chapter began, we have felt like we were planning our father's funeral with a long-time family friend. Mike is forward thinking, passionate about his job and helping people, and pays tremendous attention to detail. RM Williams Funeral Service treated my father, my sister and myself like we were their family. Not only do I highly recommend this establishment and this gentleman for your funeral needs, I hope that when something happens to me, my children will have the opportunity to work with Mike to plan my services. We started our week without a father, but have ended our week with what I truly believe we can now call a lifelong friend, Mike. Thank you.

Susan (Eberts) Gallagher
December 21, 2017


I wanted to thank you again for putting together such a beautiful service for Jennifer, Abigail, and Connie. The personal touches about each of them was amazing. Right down to their favorite candy!

It has been a little over a month since the fire, and coming up on a month since the funeral. I have experienced some really dark days, and sometimes the grief is unbearable. That being said, I can think back to the funeral, and the sheer number of people that came to show how much they loved these three ladies, was overwhelming and heartwarming. That was because of your attention to even the most minute detail. You truly made it a celebration of their lives.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Ted Dickerson, Jr.
May 2, 2017

Dear Michael and Mandee,

We don't know where to start. You are truly called of God to be a funeral director. You were there to help us with a very difficult time in our lives. You are so kind and compassionate and even prayed for us. You went above and beyond for Ottie Van Wiseman's funeral services. We were just in awe when we walked in. All the personalized touches that you provided were truly amazing. There was nothing that was overlooked. If you didn't know Van that well when you walked in, people certainly knew him when they walked out. Michael and Mandee and all the funeral home staff were so kind and caring. Thank you for caring for our family. You are truly the best in the business. You are AMAZING!!! We wish you much success. May God richly bless you and R.M. Williams Funeral Service.

The Family of Van Wiseman
March 28, 2017

Thank you so much for making the funeral services of Robert E. Harrison so special. Many people took the time to speak to me during the viewing about how impressed they were not only with Bobbie’s appearance, but all the other distinct touches that were there. Several specifically mentioned the memorial video and the special throw you had made for us. You covered every detail, and then you covered details that took you out of the box and set you apart from any other funeral home in this area. Thank you again to you and your staff for your excellent service.

Janet Norman
March 24, 2017

I want to thank R. M. Williams Funeral Service for their service to me and and the family of my husband. Michael and Mandee and their staff are the most caring and compassionate people I have ever dealt with in my life! They go way out, up, and beyond to comfort families in their time of need. It's not just the big things they do, it's also the small things. The time and effort they put in taking care of your beloved family member. I have never experienced this kind of service with anyone in my life. They truly honored my husband and his family with the utmost respect and love I have ever felt ...and not to mention, they didn't break the bank in doing so! I can't thank them enough. They will be getting my service in the future! May God Bless R. M. Williams Funeral Service and his entire staff! You all are truly AMAZING! Thanks again!

Terri Pierce
January 23, 2017

Mr. Williams -

Just a note to thank you for your exceptional services following the death of Marsha Rhinehart Cardwell. The care, compassion, and thoughtfulness shown by you and your staff was appreciated by all the family. Thanks again!

Shirley Rhinehart
January 10, 2017

I want to start by saying I am not a religious person, but I think God had a hand in sending me to you. When Emma passed, I did not know how to function, how to speak or act. All I knew was that my world was ending and I felt like I was sinking in a deep, black hole. I had no idea who to call or what to do. Everyone told me to call around for prices, but when grandma gave me your name, there was a feeling that came over me saying, "this was where I needed to call." There was never any thought in calling anyone else.

Mike, I believe that God sent me to you so you could make the unbearable bearable and in a sense, save me and help me during my moment of darkness. I think of you as my light because you went above and beyond any expectations I could have ever had. You were compassionate and it showed in every fashion. You were a man that cried with me, prayed with me, for me, for my family, and for that I can never repay you. You are, and will forever be, considered family and I want to tell you thank you so very much for everything you have done for me and my family.

Thank you with much love!

Jennifer Vires
December 24, 2016

When my mother passed away this past September, we were truly fortunate to have a connection with R.M. Williams Funeral Service. Michael and his staff immediately stepped in and took over all of the unpleasant, but necessary, tasks. Everything, from the "red tape" with the hospital, the doctors and the state to the viewing, the funeral, the cemetery, and graveside services. They did so with compassion, respect, dignity and transparent professional efficiency. I cannot thank them enough. I would certainly urge others to keep them in mind. They are the best!

Gary Dimel
December 13, 2016


Thank you for handling the passing of my uncle, Harold C. Harmon, in such a professional, considerate, and kind manner. I was very impressed with your clean yet "homey" facility. Your price was reasonable and your sincerity came from your heart. I was very pleased with everything you did and would recommend you highly.

Darla Garvin
September 10, 2016

Dear Dimel and Williams Families,
Thank you for the flowers you sent when my dad passed. Your presence and support helped to lighten the burden during those difficult days.

Michael, there are no words to express our gratitude for everything you did for us.

God bless!

Chuck and Debbie Kirby
August 17, 2016

Michael and Mandee-

Our family would like to thank you for giving Maxine a lovely funeral. We really appreciate all the special touches you added to her memorial.

The Lucas/Downard Family

The Lucas and Downard Famiy
August 9, 2016

I just wanted to say how pleased our family was at the excellent job Michael did for Lee Smith's funeral. He made sure to personalize the arrangements, so there was nothing "cookie-cutter" about it. Michael also took great care in ensuring that our family was well taken care of during calling hours and the funeral. All in all, Michael took great care of our family during an extremely difficult time. He went above and beyond what he needed to do, and we're grateful for his compassion and assistance to get our family through something we weren't prepared for at the time.

The Smith Family
August 6, 2016

Michael provides excellent, personalized service, and is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. Although no one likes to think about funerals and death, Michael exudes professionalism, and takes care of anyone who comes through his door. I'd highly recommend R.M. Williams Funeral Service to anyone.

Jessica Huntley Gardner
August 5, 2016

I would like to thank Mike and all of the staff at R.M. Williams Funeral Service for the wonderful services, and personal touches that were provided to our family. Mike went above and beyond to make this very somber time in our lives as easy and comforting as possible. From making arrangements to get just the right casket delivered in time to the extra personal touches added to the Vault lid. It is the little things that you don’t think about with all of the stress that make your time of need special.

The Hartley Family
July 22, 2016

Dear Mike & Staff,
We cannot express our gratitude to you and your staff in the exceptional services for our mother. At such an emotional time you took extra steps to make the memorial special . Thank you for taking the time and interest that truly touched our hearts ! It was beautiful ..

Brenda Leone
March 10, 2016

With sincere appreciation we would like to thank all of you at Williams Funeral Service for making this most difficult time a truly special memorial! All the extra special effort and time you took meant so much to the family. We are very grateful! God Bless!

The Family of Violet Williams
March 10, 2016

RM Williams Funeral Service is one of the most caring and respectful places I have ever had to use in one of the most difficult times in my and my family's life, having to deal with the loss of a loved one. Mike shows compassion and a genuine sense of sympathy for everyone that enters his funeral home. I will recommend him to everyone I know and I would like to personally thank you Mike Williams for everything you done for my family and I!

Floyd Westfall
March 7, 2016

Mike, The funeral for my husband was very, very nice! We were so impressed by your professional energy in doing so much for George and me. I certainly will sing praises to those who we liked your way of doing everything to please us. Also the scripture you quoted when the doves were let loose...made me think the three came back for one, George. Amen!!!

Billie Henneman
February 1, 2016

Dear Michael, We just wanted to thank you again for the awesome job you did with our dad's funeral service. You definitely went above and beyond and truly personalized the event with all your special added touches. Your willingness to include our brother in the memorial was very thoughtful and caring. The added feature of the doves was the most moving and amazing experience we have ever witnessed! The inspiring delivery of your word during their flight...there are no words. What a blessed surprise! There was nothing overlooked. We couldn't have been more pleased with anyone else and will definitely recommend you to our friends. We wish you much success in your career!

Joe and Terry Will
January 1, 2016

From the instant you walked into the front door of our home, on the day mother passed away, EVERYTHING was done with compassion and amazing foresight! I can think of NOTHING that should have been done differently. You were/are truly a blessing to us. THANK YOU! Even small things like getting Logan Monument to work on the headstone. It was ALL excellent care for our family!!

The Family of Evelyn Napper
October 8, 2015

Dear Mike, You did a wonderful job with the services of my husband, Rev. Jim Angel. You were there for our cried with our family. You are very tender hearted. You also explained things clearly where we could understand. I really do appreciate that.

Janice Angel
September 23, 2015

During the hardest time in our lives, Mr. Williams, was sent by God.....he went way beyond...caring for our needs, did things for us that we didn"t expect.......very professional and sincere....Thank you so much for everything.....we highly recommend him to all during your trying time........

The Jordan Family
August 26, 2015

We so appreciate the work you have done...above and beyond more than you were to do......So many people admired your services. Thank you so much...We thank God for you.....Hope everyone will comment on your site.........We will never forget what you have done for our family........

Sharon and Bill Jordan
August 20, 2015

Thank you for being so fabulous to my family. Your establishment is highly recommended by them and I. We greatly appreciate all that you've done. 💜

Mandy Salmons
June 1, 2015

Everyone was so considerate of our feelings and understanding of how difficult this was for my family and myself. Mike was especially considerate and kind. We are forever grateful. Thank you.

Linda S.

"I can't thank you enough for services you provided our family. You think you're prepared then the glue lets go and I'm thinking "What do I do first?" Then Michael walked through the door. It was not better, but easier. Everything was taken care of not only promptly but with care and compassion. I've received more compliments on the video. Personally, it's the best I've ever seen. Again, thank you for everything. We greatly appreciate all you did. No improvements needed, unless of course you want to hand out $100.00 bills!"

Judie C.

A+...Mike did a great job helping us sort through all the decisions that had to be made. Thanks for all the help.

Rick M.

Mike was so caring and professional at the same time. He was always there and I couldn't be happier with the service we received.

Bobbie S.

Michael is first class. He will always have our family's business. He knows how to take care of people at their worst time in life.

Lou D.

Thank you for Michael, he is a special person. He is a very caring and compassionate person. It's a very difficult time when you lose one of your children, but Michael helped to make things easier. I thank God that he sent Michael to help us.

Maudie S.

Dear Michael and Mandee,

What can I say? What a blessing it was to have you take care of my girl on her final journey. You have found your calling in life. Even without all the extra little touches you provided the entire journey was way over what I would expect. You have won the hearts of the entire family! What a beautiful experience.

Lou Dimel and Family

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